Roll Damn Sparkle!?!


Softer Side of Saban

Last season, a reporter asked me “Why?” Possibly the most asinine question I’ve ever been asked.

With four national championships – three of them here at the University of Alabama – I’d just like to open up a bit here and explain “Why”. And if you have a problem with it, you’re free to take it up with me. Personally. But trust that you do NOT wish to be on the receiving end of “Why”.

I still have my first piece of fan art, sent to me by my good friend, Urban Meyer. He was going through a rough patch in Florida at the time, just winning too much. It happens to the best of us.

When I first saw it, I thought, “The man has lost his #*#! mind!” So I called him up, thinking I’d put an end to it right then and there.

So we talked. And we talked. Friendship is magic, he says. What the hell? Apparently, Tebow had turned him onto it. Well, I hold the man in great respect – but he just kept repeating “Friendship is magic, Nick, Friendship is magic.” And, being a good friend, I listened.

Well – next thing I know, I’m spending more of my free time watching My Little Pony than scrimmages. And, as I continued to watch those adorable creatures, the world just continued to fall away: the relentless pressure, the harpy, nagging press…

So, with FOUR national championships (count ’em – FOUR!), I’m damn proud to call myself a Brony. And NO – I am NOT a Clopper – I have nothing to do with those… freaks…

Now I suspect many of you may be surprised by this – but if I were to estimate, I’d say that at least a quarter of us at this year’s BronyCon in Baltimore were in what we call “the inner-circle”, not even counting the ESPN folks. I refuse to speak for anyone else involved – I’ll just stick with Spike, Sparkle, and AppleJack. That would be Meyer, myself, and Tebow, respectively.

I don’t have time to sit here and go through the entire 3 day event. It simply cemented the fact that Friendship is Magic. But, as we didn’t wish our “status” to disrupt the event, Tebow had been good enough to provide us all with costumes. And, as it was all in good love and friendship, I was happy to just stand in the Mane Hall, holding my sign offering Free Hugs to my fellow Bronies. And, what would ya know, a reporter walks up to me and asks the SAME dad-blamed question – “Why?” And she’s not asking Nick Saban – she’s asking Twilight Sparkle! Yeah, reporters – so original…

Well, having experienced four national championships – I can say that I experienced more love and comradery, just giving out those free hugs… nothing in my life could have prepared me for it. I was just so overcome… after a few hours, Tebow was kind enough to take my sign. Having hugged it out, I was in such a state of bliss that I had to drop 3 tabs of MLP back at the hotel just to come down from the experience.

Which brings me to our current quarterback situation. WHY?

Both my quarterbacks are wonderful athletes. They exhibit the best qualities of teamwork and friendship I demand of EVERY member of my squad.

But what’s missing – and what I’m still waiting from either Sims or Coker to SHOW me – is WHO can bring the MAGIC?

I know they have it within them. And we’ll hit that field, knowing we have what it takes to win yet another championship.

But, more importantly, the squad will be rallying behind a young man who knows – Friendship is Magic!

Thanks for your time.


Magically Yours,

Fake Nick Saban




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