Are YOU Ready!?!



Yeah, me neither. But here’s the DEAL OF A LIFETIME!!!

DRUGS! PROSTITUTES! MONEY! We don’t have ANY of that shit. None whatsoever.

But hey – we’re launching a music section to promote local bands, maybe an artsy section to promote whatever the Hell it is Hipsters do –

We’re rolling WIDE OPEN, hoping to get you to contribute to the site for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! ‘Cuz that’s what we got in the bank.

But, if you’re sick and tired of all the manufactured bullshit pumped out to the masses from NYC and LA – well now you can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

That’s right – we’re gonna start manufacturing horrible shit right here in Tuscaloosa. And promoting it RIGHT HERE on this site!

Sound too good to be true? Fine, be a little bitch. But if you’re interested in becoming a part of something that may or may not even exist in a month (just shooting it straight here, the SEC is already breathing down my neck)…

Drop us a line below – or email us at Do it. NOW!!!!

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