Leading Racists Band Together to Prepare for Y3K



In a rally in Ferguson, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson announced yet another forward-thinking plan to end racism and bring unity and peace to America by the 3rd millennium.

“They said Y2K was a problem,” Sharpton announced to the crowd, “But I tell you, there is something much more menacing than 2 Ks. We must work together now to ensure that future generations must never endure the hatred and bigotry of YKKK. We shall not stand for the year of the Klan!”

Current Y3K estimates reveal that the Earth will no longer be able to sustain life by the year 2750, due mainly to the farting cows of Scotland. The gas released by the cows dissipates into the ozone layer, breaking down the barrier that shields the Earth from the sun’s radiation.

“How many black folks do you think live in Scotland?” Jackson asked the crowd, “Nothing but a bunch of hymies wearing skirts and playing golf. We must look to the future but keep our eyes on the past – else we’re all gonna die from those cows passing gas!”

Louis Farrakan then gave a speech, inciting the crowd to beat those Scottish bastards, kill ’em all. He then proposed a Million Man March across the ocean to invade Scotland and rid the world of the white devil.

A Klan spokesman responded by stating that the current inbreeding of members will most likely reduce them to maggots before the end of this century. However, given that maggots are much more resistant to radiation, he was confident in a white maggot power base by Y3K.


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