Whales Saved! Greenpeace Searches for New Project



News that the whales are now officially saved is drawing mixed reactions from members of the activist group.
“I guess I’ll go get a job now,” Bison Perch, co-founder of the group, told reporters, “I mean, don’t get me wrong – I’m REALLY happy for the whales and everything – that’s
really cool and all. But dude… this is gonna totally suck for me.”
“If like 10 whales die or something, they might be like endangered again,” Moon Violet, one of the newest members of the group, speculated, “Not that I’d like to see that happen – no way! But then we’d be there, y’know – right back in there, yeah! Uhm… I don’t think people really realize how great blubber can be – again, not that ANYONE should try killing any whales. That would be bad and stuff.”


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